Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Spirit of the Western Coast - The Konkan Log - Episode 7

Episode 6 - Aravi Beach (Previous)

Chapter 8: Diveagar – Photolog of Another Sunset

3. The setting sun, waves and the colour of water:

4. The sun, setting at the distant horizon:

5. The happy and united family:

6. The sun has set, but the enthusiasm of some has just set in:

7. The dark overpowering the day gradually:

8. Gorgeous colours of the fading day:

9. Finally, time to go:

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Well, this is the second sunset at Diveagar for us. I am not going to bore the readers which the same kind of narration, but would just like to share a few photos of our second sunset at this flawless shoreline.
1. Reflection of the setting sun on the water, a golden treat to watch:

2. Children and their horse-cart ride, one of the few entertainments in Diveagar:

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