Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Spirit of the Western Coast - The Konkan Log - Episode 5

Chapter 6: Shrivardhan – A Sea Shore of the Birds
After Harihareshwar, we drove backwards to Shrivardhan. It used to be a small little Konkani village, but nowadays urbanization has engulfed the place. So it was not difficult to find a place to eat.
After the lunch, we drove towards the main attraction, the beach. Unlike Harihareshwar, Shrivardhan is a smooth beach, and one can drive on the beach as well.
It was again a white and grey sand beach with a stretch of at least a couple of miles.

When we reached, the beach was completely secluded, apart from a few enthusiastic tourists, who gave more priority to the beach than the lunch during the lunchtime.
Just like a typical Konkani sea shore, the beach is blocked at two sides by towering hills and a Konkani village was nestled at the lap of the hills, bang on the beach.
The waves were gentle and submissive, relentlessly going back and forth.

There was a small jetty at one side, the motorboats and launches were visible at a distance, their whistles echoing all around.

The beach was very serene and peaceful. And perhaps that’s why we saw them, a group of coastal birds, probably feasting on the weaker sea-lives. There were many of them together, some chirping, some cooing and some of them communicating with each other in a different way. The scene made our day, really.

When the feast was over, they flew away to some more lucrative destination. The backdrop of the Konkani village when they flew was marvellous.

Not much activity can be performed in this beach so we (the ladies in the group) indulged ourselves on picking up some shells, a natural memento gifted by the nature.

When we were planning to leave, we saw more inflow of people, the lunchtime was over. And some means of amusements too, their silhouettes gave an opportunity to click the below.

Once again, we hit the coastal route towards Aravi beach. The route was truly breathtaking through the cluster of tall, sky-kissing trees – a combination of light and shadow.

Another monochrome creation of the coastal beauty to finish this post is here.


  1. Good post with beautiful pictures. Konkan is really amazing. Few years ago I went hiking the Karnataka coast, passing beaches, cliffs and pebbles. It was a wonderful experience.

    BTW, I bumped into your blog on :)

    1. Hi Kusum, thanks for reading the post and feeding back with the encouragement. I fully agree with you, Konkan is truly fascinating. I can only guess how your trip was, must be a lifetime experience.

      Stay tuned, there will be more added to this blog :)