Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Konkan Log - The Last Episode

Chapter 9: Farewell to Konkan

The next morning we went to the beach to experience the sunrise, the sea looked fully blue under the gentle, still yawning sun.

The day wasn’t fully started with the entertainments.

People were just preparing themselves to start their day.

And that’s why the regular flyers were not worried and engrossed in their morning chores.

In the backdrop of the rising sun, the silhouettes of the costal trees looked unearthly.

Bidding farewell to Konkan, we set out towards Pune. With a stark contrast to the seashores, we drove back through the hills.

With ours spirits lifted up, we became one with the Konkan, the concrete jungle of the city seemed to be a distant and faded dream, which were soon to become the harsh reality of our lives.
And hereby my tale of Konkan is also over, at least for this one time.

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