Monday, 2 April 2012

The Spirit of the Western Coast - The Konkan Log - Episode 4

Chapter 5: Harihareshwar through a Heavenly Coastal Drive

Next Morning, we drove towards Harihareshwar, the Kashi (Varanasi) of the south. The road from Diveagar towards Harihareshwar was truly mesmerizing and divine. At one side sea waves ferociously collided with the coastal cliffs and the ambitious hills on the other side, tried to reach the sky.

We drove past a place where a lonely mile-long white sand sea beach made us literally standstill, I parked my car at one side, under the shadow of the cluster of palm and coconut trees just to enjoy and inhale the beauty.

We drove through the typical Konkani villages, we drove through the narrow roads of Shrivardhan towards our final destination, Harihareshwar.
Harihareshwar or the ‘Dakshin Kashin’ (The Varanasi of the South) as it is called, is more famous for its rocky beach and the circular path through the coral reefs and cliffs, called as ‘Pradakshina’. After completing the rituals at the temple, we climbed through the stairs, just at the back of the temple, which led above to the hills.

After a not-so-long though arduous climb through the floral wilderness, we reached at the top, where another cluster of stairs pointed our way through the cliffs down below.

Through these stairs, with the rocky walls at both sides, the vastness of the sea was revealed at a distance. The reflection of the sun on the blue sea was blinding.

We went down below and were immediately besotted and awestruck by the uniqueness of the place – it was so new to us. The gorges turned into the cliffs where the waves were hitting themselves with a brutal rage so viciously, that even most courageous ones would think twice to move within a closer proximity of the sea.

Only during low tides during the day one can roam around this place as during the later of the day, the water rises so fast that it gives one no chances to escape. We read about many unfortunate and unhappy incidents about the place.

 The beach was visible at the right side. It was again a beach long stretched and full of serenity. Even on a Sunday, the beach was not thronged by tourists. Just like a Konkani beach, it was full of greenery at the sea shore with the relentless waves sacrificing themselves on the beach. For the second photo below, doesn’t it look like that it was shot from the midst of the sea??

After completing the round, we ended up on the beach itself. The beach was very very clean. A combination of dark grey and white sands constructed a unique combination of sand color. The sand particles were glowing under thesunlight.

As we had limited time on our hands and many more places on the wishlist, after spending a couple of hours to the lovely peaceful seashore, we bid adieu to South Kashi and moved towards the another famous beach of the region called as Shrivardhan, which complete the trilogy of the renowned and more explored beaches.


  1. Amazing clicks...
    planed to visit same place on nxt weekend, surely helpful narration.

    1. Hi Chetan,
      Thanks for going through the post and liking the same. I wish you all the very best for your upcoming trip. It will be a bit hot though during daytime, but I think you'd enjoy it no matter what.

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