Monday, 21 May 2012

Into the Wilderness - The 5th Safari at TATR

Day 4 4th May 2012 - 5.30 am

We started our journey in the early morning, which has now become a routine for us.

We started with an Eagle, whose silhouette looked amazing under the little morning light available.

A Barking deer was crossing the road in his full agility:

A Peacock was sighted, far away:

The sun has started to wake up slowly:

Some jungle fruit:

And plenty of them:

An Indian Gaur and its companion for breakfast:

We went towards Katijhori once again, where a female barking deer was roaming around hither and thither:

A kingfisher:

Spotted Dove:

Green Pigeon:


Kingfisher (frontal view):

A tree which have seen never before:


Now came a barking deer (male), who looked to be surprisingly timid and extra cautious. We came to know that they are like that only.

Green Pigeon, once again:

The sighting of these birds made us really joyous but we were looking for the King so we moved on to a  different spot. The jungle on the way looked too good:

Now we appeared to different spot, where we could a number of cars together. The people are not uttering a sound, so we moved ahead and we saw one Tiger resting beneath a tree, from pretty close.

It was male cub of 1.5 years. He was busy looking around:

Suddenly our guide pointed towards another direction. Far away another tiger was on the move. He was in the mood of a ‘Kill’:

He then sat under a tree and patiently waited:

On the other hand, the first cub was trying to get some sleep, but he was curious by the number of cars inflowing:

So he was frustrated after almost 30 mins and started to disappear into the jungle:

He slowly disappeared, after 5 minutes we could not spot where he was:

Time to come back, we passed by the Forest Rest House inside, Bantu advised that it was prohibited for the tourists since 2008.

We saw this beautiful animal to mark the end of our journey.

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