Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Into the Wilderness - The 2nd Safari at TATR

Day 2 2nd May 2012 - 2.30 pm

Under the scorching heat, we started our 2nd safari at sharp 2.30 pm. This time we headed towards a different direction, Kolsa. It seemed that a sheer dryness engulfed the whole place.

Going for just half an hour, we heard a calling of sambar, a big cat was on the move. This time we did not need to wait long to see the king of the jungle. We could see one sitting under the trees, with his eyes closed. Evidently he was not bothered by the visitors. Why would he? It is his jungle!!

He opened his eyes in disgust perhaps, disturbed by the noise of the car engines and the camera clicks.

We stayed there for almost half an hour, and we wished to stay for longer, but the forest guard requested us to leave so that the car congestion do not irritate him and others can also have an opportunity to see the heavenly creation. We moved on, but today was the day for tigers. Going further we could see another female resting at an almost open space.

Her reflection on the muddy water where she took a bath just 10 mins back, as the others said.

Again we could not stay longer as we would have wanted, so we had to move on with our hearts filled with ecstasy and joy. 

A paradise flycatcher (male) on the way

Changeable Hawk Eagle:

Going further up, we could see a queue of cars and people clicking countless photos and the forest guards controlling the traffic. So we understood we have a great chance of another sighting. And yes, we had. Two cubs were sitting under the bamboo trees.

They were not so ecstatic seeing us, and immediately after 10 mins, they were seemingly disgusted and hence they disappeared into the dense forests.

We waited for some more time but they were not to be seen again. So we drove on.

A family of Indian Rollers:

A different looking tree:

A lone Indian Wild Dog (Dhole) was curious and looking for something at a distance:

Now it was the time to return, so we drove towards Moharli gate through the jungle:

On the way, a male Nilgai was visibly alarmed and watching something very carefully so we stopped:

After sometime, we understood what he was seeing when we saw his full family were trying to cross the road – a female one and a cute little cub.

We drove past the Teliya lake, where under the setting sun, the deers were grazing, that was an amazing sight:

The open field was full of them, a large horde of spotted deer.

A really long distance shot:

A solo watch tower at a magnificent location:

By when the sun was almost set, we returned back to the Moharli gate, with our joy knew no bounds, for the heavenly experience that we encountered. 

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