Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) - Where the Tigers Rule

Well, this is the second of the articles submitted to the travelogy competition of my company. Only rule was to compile it around 200 words.

Here it goes...the readers are the best judge of the brevity and content.


TATR, in Nagpur, India welcomes everyone with its outstretched arms.

The open-top gypsy safaris take the visitors inside the jungle through a series of really narrow gullies. The fragrance and the 'sound of the silence' of the - the pristine air, the tweeting of the birds, falling leaves and the occasional roar of the animals - create an enthralling trance.

Being a deciduous forest, an absolute dryness engulfs the whole region in summer. The yellowish-brownish color of the grasses gives a natural camouflage to the predators like the big cats. It needs an experienced eye to spot them.

The excitement and the thrill are in the chase, but the joy knows no bounds when a tiger can be spotted in the open - truly an experience of a lifetime. The majestic style and the total disregard of the surroundings portray the traits of a king, full of pride.  Fear, joy and respect - the emotions flow rapidly from one another. A silence prevails, the only sound that can be heard is the relentless clicks of the cameras. Nobody moves, as if being numb under a mesmeric spell. Even the time stands still.

All good things come to an end, but leave nothing but the footprints and take nothing but the memories and a vow to return again.

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101_The Jungle at Dusk

102_The Royal One



105_Spotted Deers

106_Spotted Deers

107_The Jungle


109_Oriental Honey Buzzard female

110_A Really Close Shot

111_Water and Biodiversity

112_Sambar and Family

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