Thursday, 31 July 2014

Emirates Park Zoo - A Tiny but Compact Place for All

The Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi is a place for one and all. Not only the kids but also the veterans like us can also take immense pleasure for a day being here.

The zoo is small and can be nowhere close to Abu Dhabi's more renowned Al Ain Zoo. But still it has it's own charm in a way. There are limited number of animals to be seen - mostly birds - but all the animals are kept in great shape. There are a few predators as well including the Royal Bengal Tiger and White tigers. It also houses a few reptiles as we'll and quite a few herbivores too.

All in all the place is enjoyable , although the options for food are a bit limited in my opinion. Another downside is the connectivity and accessibility of the zoo which need to be improved a lot. There is only one bus that goes too the zoo. If you miss one bus you shall have to be waiting for an hour for the next one. It is always better to have your own vehicle. The parking is ample.

Overall it is recommended for a day's outing , especially if you have kids.

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