Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Stroll towards Mina Port

Last weekend we casually strolled across the Corniche in the afternoon towards the Mina port - just to explore the area and find out some clickable opportunities. 

I was not let down, see some of the works below. Hope the visitors would not dislike the same.

Molten Gold
Enslave the moon

Logos Hope - World's Largest Floating Book Fair
Come with me
The Balancing Act
Together we sail
We will get there eventually
The Sunset
The three musketeers
The four lights
Mina Port
Going home
The Twins
Closing in
The red horizon
Standing still
Fun on the sea
The day is ending
The Sunset - 2
Corniche Walkway
An artificial python!!
A traditional Arabian Dhow

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