Saturday, 31 August 2013

Abu Dhabi Corniche - A Small Collection of 'Right Clicks'

Its been a long time since I last left a note. Call me lazy or less tenacious but there are a few trips queued up already which I didn't even bother to scribble down.

We have moved to Abu Dhabi a few months back and since then I haven't sat in front of my system to type down a few words. But thanks to my better half's persuasion, I have started once again.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the wealthiest and largest of all the seven emirates. While Dubai is more famous to the outsiders, Abu Dhabi is also a cosmopolitan city.

Sorry, its not only a city, but its basically a T-shaped fantastic 'island city' surrounded by the Persian Gulf from 3 sides while on one side it is connected with the mainland.

The most scenic part of Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly the Corniche area, which is the longest waterfront in the island overlooking the Persian Gulf.

Seeing the amazing greenery planted everywhere around the city nowadays, one will be hard-pressed
to believe that once the whole area used to be some arid desert. Corniche is also not an exception when we mention greenery in Abu Dhabi.

The Shaikh Zayed road which connects to Dubai through Salam Street separates the residential/commercial/civil areas from the sandy beaches. At one side, big skyscrapers are standing tall with all prides (believe me some of them are really architectural marvel) while across the road the sea beaches offer panoramic views to everyone. The similarity at both the sides is the green cluster of trees . Parks, amusement rides for kids, playgrounds and small but beautifully planned walkways offer some attractions each and everyone. Watersports, cruises and fishing also form a major pastimes of the people. If nothing else to be done, just sit at one of the corners and watch the sunset.

No more wise talks, let's go straight to the point. Here is a collage from some of our visits to this captivating Corniche.

Walkways and Skyscrapers - during Sunset
The Beach Volleyball - one of the many activities
The Beach - always crowded on a summer weekend
Skyscrapers - Abu Dhabi is called the Manhattan of the Gulf
Swimming under the setting sun - great fun
Corniche Waterfront
Abu Dhabi Marina
Abu Dhabi Marina from the other side
Abu Dhabi Corniche - from the Sky Tower in Marina Mall
The Lights, Marina Mall
Sunset Colors
The Colors of Sunset
A Green Walkway in Corniche

Sofitel - one of the countless 5 star hotels in Abu Dhabi - situated right besides the beach

Shaikh Zayed Road - traffic is very high
Another View of the Walkway

High Speed Traffic Lights


Night shots - walkways
Blue Fountain
Yellow Fountain
Red Fountain
One Resto Cafe

Reflection - Al Mina Port

Al Mina Port - Night Shot

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