Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mahabaleshwar in the Winters – A Different Experience - Part 3

Day 3
We wanted to cover a few more places this day but the day brought some bad news for us – my car broke down completely. I had called the garage in and the car was towed away. We had nothing to do so we engaged ourselves in complete relax. 
MTDC Resort
At 4 pm the car was handed over to me again and literally we were all bored to death by watching tv and taking naps. So we planned to quickly watch the sunset, but not from the sunset point.  There was an adjacent point – called Falkland Point – which is not known to many. Before you reach the Sunset Point, one dirt road will lead you through the jungle to this point. The view was far better than the Sunset Point – we all agreed in unison.

We came back to the Sunset Point, when it was fully dark to have some snacks and moved to back to our pigeonhole in MTDC, shivering with cold.
Day 4
Time has come for us to leave. We had a great breakfast in the canteen and checked out.  We made a stop at Mapro Garden where some fruit juices, crushes were to be brought.
Flowers at Mapro Garden
Wasting not much time, we also covered a few places on our way in Panchgani.
Parsi Point – a great view of the valley where the Krishna river zigzagged its way through the hills.

Sydney Point – another view of the same valley, from a different angle.

Harrison’s Folly – We enjoyed this mini-table land more than the more famous one. It was windy and paragliding exercises were ON.  

Panchagni sightseeing took us not more than an hour. Since my parents were with me we planned to make a stop at the Ganpati Temple of Wai on the way.

Bidding Adieu to the temples once the rituals are fulfilled, we were again on the roads. We had lunch on the way and were again back at Pune before it is dark.
All in all, a great appeasing trip apart from the incident with the car on the 3rd day, but it happens in life.
********************THE END********************* 

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