Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bamnoli - A Slice of Paradise - Our Adventure to Satara - Part 5

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Still mesmerized by Kaas, perhaps a bit reluctantly, we headed off towards to Bamnoli, not knowing what more we could expect. Soon after we left Kaas, the rain stopped. What an irony!
The way towards Bamnoli was, once again, breathtaking. The nature manifested itself with its fullest splendid picturesque beauty. The roads passed through green hills and by numerous waterfalls. Our ears listened to the incessant chattering of the avian race, and we even soaked in the smell of the pristine nature, bathed under the fresh heavenly water.

The way ahead
At one place, the scenic beauty was so out of this world, we stopped and just was spellbound instantly. Both sides of the roads were clearly visible as far as the eyes could see. A huge lake at a distance seemed to kiss the clear azure above. The water was as clean as a mirror and surprisingly multi-colored. The banks of the lake were totally covered by vegetation, as green as it could be.

We soon reached Bamnoli, through the forests, through the hills and through the mists. Bamnoli was a non-descriptive small village at the banks of the Koyna River. The water close to the shores became red, to indicate the color of the earth. Like a sea, there were waves, though not so big ones as a sea would have. We dipped our feet into the water which was cold, soothing and very relaxing. The monsoon was so heavy this year that the shores of river were gone under the water, the trees were under the water. The winds were so heavy that the trees swayed at both sides. It looked like the trees were happily dancing listening to the music of the breeze and water into which they also dipped themselves cosily.

We noticed one interesting thing which we never did before. On the trees above, there were small pouches hanging and there were too many of them. We wondered what they were. The advancement of technology came to rescue us to douse our curiosity. We noticed, after using the full zoom, that the pouches were actually bats, thousands of them! It was a weird scene. We wished they were no vampires.

We had a quick snacks round from one of the nearby shops. There was a cute little temple just outside the shops.
After spending a good amount of time in the shores of Koyna, we left for our concrete jungle, needless to say, quite unhappily.