Sunday, 22 January 2012

Thoseghar - The 'Mota Dhabdhaba' - Our Adventure to Satara - Part 2

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The whole of Maharashtra state takes a new refreshing look during the monsoon. Hills get covered under lush green carpets, the peaks are hidden behind mystifying clouds and the rainfall gives birth to innumerable number of waterfalls which pierce through the slopes like a sliver jet.

Thoseghar, our next destination from the Sajjangad, is such a place if you are in love with the waterfalls. Nestled deep within the jungles and hills in Satara district, far from the madding crowd and din and bustle of the town, the gigantic series of waterfalls can be enjoyed at its roaring best during the monsoon season (July – September).

Thoseghar can be visited as a day trip from Pune. A drive to Satara can take around 2.5 hours one way and then the waterfalls are located around 25 Kms from the main city. One needs to drive through the serpentine roads through the hills, enjoying the pristine and raw beauty of nature for around 1 hour or so.  From Sajjangad it took us approximately 45 minutes or so in the heavy rains.

Road map from Pune to Satara can be found in the Sajjangad post.

Here is the road map from Satara to Thoseghar.

Sajjangad to Thoseghar road map (the route which we took)

On the road there would be a lot of stopovers for the photography freaks. Colorful flowers, green undulating slopes and the circuitous roads combine into a scene to die for.  Not to mention, waterfalls will come at various sizes on the way – from the tiniest to the large ones – as if to provide a trailer as captivating as the movie.

There is a small signboard indicating ‘Mota Dhabdhaba’ or ‘Big Waterfall’ put by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, to advise the torurists of the location of the falls. As soon as you get down from the car, you can hear the thundering roar of water at a distance. From this point the cascade is not visible but there is a narrow path through the woods which will guide you along with the sound.

The moment the waterfalls appear at the front, it is bound to take one’s breath away. The scene in front of you is simply jaw-dropping. At your right there are a couple of white streams falling down around 60 feet below while at the other side there is a humongous waterfall hitting the stony ground with raging ferocity. The impact is so deep that the water droplets are being converted to a cloud of water particles instantaneously. And naturally, a small narrow river originates from the never-ending source from above. The roar of the raging stream will obviously silence all other petty sounds.

The first look

The picturesque beauty of the surrounding will definitely make one forget about the concrete jungles of the town. The whole area covered by dense forests provides a wild look adding to the rustic atmosphere.

The unique selling point for Thoseghar is, in my opinion, its location. The cliffs were so steep that it is impossible to go near the waters unless you are a pro and avid trekker – so naturally bathing and adventure sports are scarce, almost impossible. May be this is how nature tells us that not everything can be conquered or spoiled.

Thoseghar may not be not as famous as the more renowned waterfalls in Maharashtra – Lingamala (Mahabaleshwar), Kune (Khandala), Lonavala (Lonavala), Randha (Bhandardara) etc to name a few – yet it offers an pure raw beauty of its own and surely does not lag behind any more renowned ones.

The place is truly recommended for a day outing during the monsoon season.

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