Thursday, 15 December 2011

Aurangabad - Part IX - Bibi Ka Makbara

We had now reached the last destination of our whole trip. Bibi Ka Makbara was supposed to be a replica of the great ‘Taj Mahal’.

This was constructed by the Mughal Prince Azam Shah, son of Aurangzeb, as a loving tribute to his mother Rabia-ul-Daurani a.k.a Dilras Banu Begum, in between 1651 – 1661 AD. The experts say it is a very poor replica of the Taj as it lacks symmetry and also the material used in this building was cheaper than that used in the Taj.

We were no expert, just a couple of ordinary tourists. So Bibi Ka Makbara appeared in front of us with its own elegance and grace. We did not try to degrade it by comparing with the great Taj and one should never do that. The Taj is the Taj and nothing is equivalent to it.

We bought the ticket from the counter – 5/ per head and entered the complex. The main entrance was itself a big structure with great carving on the walls. It should be noticed that the walls were made of plaster, not of marbels. The carvings were really great which illustrated rosary etc.
The Entrance
Carving on the door
The ceiling of the dome of the main entrance was very rich in art with colorful decoration of paintings on the walls. We felt that the walls were all painted with colors during the old days.

Door carving
Entering the main complex through the entrance would surely give you a surprise as we felt the same. It was hard to believe that we were not looking at the Taj. The same structure with four minarets at each corner and in the centre the main building with an arched dome. The compound was surrounded by boundary walls with a gate at each side – so in total 4 different gates, with the frontal one being the main entrance.
The ceiling of the main entrance - fabulous artwork
We reached straight ahead to the Makbara, the main building can be reached through a small gate and stairs at either side. We were at the main level within a couple of minutes and started roaming around the central dome. Each of the minarets and the outer walls were made of plaster, only some of the bases and the main dome were of marbels. Nonetheless the artworks and the carvings on the outer walls deserved a load of praise for their delicateness and elegance.

The view from the front
At the left side of the main tomb, there was a mosque and this was where the symmetry lacked. It did not actually look good.

Main Entrance from the courtyard

The Mosque at the left defies the symmetry
Carvings on the exterior walls
We left our shoes outside the entrance of the main tomb. The sun was at the top and marble flooring became too hot to walk on barefooted. We quickly entered the main tomb. It was cool and peaceful inside. The windows were designed precisely in symmetrical geometrical shapes at each side with great artwork.
Artwork inside the tomb
Artwork - inside the tomb - some more
We sat inside the tomb for sometime and then did another round of the central building. Then we proceeded towards the exit.
The tomb - people exchanging money for blessings

Marvellous carvings on the walls outside
We came back to our hotel around 1.50 pm where after a good bath and some packing that was left, we had our lunch. We started preparing ourselves to bid adieu to Aurangabad, the city we fell deeply in love with.

We came to the bus stand with somewhat heavy hearts – the fantastic Mr Ashok arranged a car for us to drop us at the central bus terminus, where we found the AC Shivneri standing the designated place.

We ascended the bus and reclined ourselves to a small but delicious slumber. The bus started on time at 4 pm and we we reached Pune around 8.45 pm. The journey was much comfortable due to the facts that the bus was really cosy and we were still ruminating our experiences of the last days which we spent in a place, which invites everyone again and again to come back to its open outstretched arms and observe and appreciate its past glory.


  1. very well written... comprehensive and informative... Aurangabad is blessed with amazing monuments around... Bibi ka Maqbara is quite splendid...

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for liking the blog and your kind words. Whatever you mentioned is absolutely correct. History is scattered everywhere in and around Aurangabad.

      Thanks once again for going through the post.

  2. Hi,

    A Very well written post. Awesome pictures. I will be visiting this place shortly and hence found the info given here very useful.


    1. Thanks Gopalan for going through the blog and for the encouraging comment.

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