Thursday, 17 November 2011

Aurangabad Part IV - Ellora - The Jain Caves

The 5 Jaina caves were excavated during ninth and tenth centuries. The all belong to the Digamabara sect of the Jaina faith.

Cave 30

Cave 30 is another unfinished excavation. It has a striking resemblance with the Great Kailasa; hence it is known as Chhota Kailasa (Small Kailasa). The same technique of rock excavation and converting it into structures were adopted and can still be well understood, though it is unfinished.

Cave 31

This is an unfinished four-pillared hall and a shrine.

Cave 32

This is called as Indra Sava and this is the most important of the Jaina caves. It has many fabulous carvings of Mahavira and other Jaina divinities. There are superb paintings in this cave. This is another two storeyed cave.

Cave 33

This is called as the Jagannath Sabha. Apart from many famous sculptures, it also has remnants of many murals on the walls and the roof.

Cave 34

This cave is a small cave. It has some carvings. But they are not of much significance.

Once we have covered all these caves it is already 5 pm in the afternoon. We were glad that we have covered all the caves and also for the fact that we planned a whole day for Ellora which worked in the best way.

On the way we stopped at a Handloom showroom, did some shopping and came back straight to the hotel where a good bath and rest were much needed. We were completely out of energy after a full day’s hectic walk through the hills, under the wretched sun. But every bead of sweat was worth the effort. Ellora - to be specific, the great cave no 16 - did surpass all our expectations.

We had an early dinner and fell asleep. The next day we have planned for the Ajanta Caves – another series of masterpieces. But that will be a separate post.

The snaps from the Jain Caves are below -

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  1. I like this collection & details photography of ellora caves.

    So, thanks dear, providing information.

    1. Hi Pencil, thanks for the comment. If it helps someone in future, the efforts will be meaningful. Thanks for going through the post.

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