Sunday, 24 July 2011

Aga Khan Palace

A Century old palace built by a Sultan, associated with 'Quit India' movement of 1942 and very close to where we reside - these were well enough reasons to draw us to Agan Khan Palace. This is situated at one side of the Pune - Nagar Road, just besides the new 'PULSE' shopping mall at Kalyani Nagar.

Map: This is the direction which we followed:
One Sunday afternoon when the Sun was about to set, we went for the Aga Khan Palace. There is a museum inside the palace called 'Gandhi National Memorial Museum' and a park surrounding it. The place is very peaceful.

This place closes at 6 pm so if you want to see the museum throroughly, give yourself a couple of hours of time. There is an enrty fee of 10/- (100/- for non- Indians). There are some belongings kept inside the museum which were used by Gandhi and his wife, Kasturbabai.

The exit to the museum leads to a memorial kind of a place where the ashes of Gandhi and Kasturba Debi are kept.

The palace itself is enormous and well-maintained.

The following snaps are of the park.

Though it was strictly prohibited to walk on the grass, some people were so damn blunt-heads, they were sitting on the lawns. See this, the irresposibilities of some people:

But we still love our country, don't we? Every country has its own flaws and no country is perfect.

We had some photo session of ourselves after this.

The following snap is for the ones who love a flavour of history :)

This place is recommendable for a couple of hours break and relaxation. 


  1. A pleasant surprise to note it is so well maintained in contrast to so many of our heritage structures in a dilapidated state!

  2. Agreed. It is in a much better shape than many others. Perhaps because a 'Mahatma Gandhi Trust' is associated with it and they do all the maintenance.

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